…that was the day you discovered your connection.

Armed with Runza sandwiches and Dr. Pepper, Vinny sat down with his 97 year old great grandpa Nesci for an interview assigned in history class. What was life like during the Great Depression? What did you do during World War II? How has technology changed? The wise old man had much insight to share.

At one point, Vinny asked, “What was your greatest accomplishment?”

“How¬†do I answer that?” Grandpa pondered. “Well, staying alive, I guess. I have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel,”he reminded us.

He continued to answer questions, talking about his jobs and education, about parents that wanted to appear as American as possible (which meant not speaking Italian). He talked about pole phones and model Ts, growing up luckier than most during the Great Depression, and his job as a sailor in WWII.

After the questions had all been asked, after we gave our hugs and said goodbye, Vinny spent the drive home considering the yesteryears of first generation Americans.

“You know what’s interesting, Mom?” He finally asked.”Grandpa and I are a lot alike. We both love cars, we both want(ed) to be firefighters, and we both love Italian food. Not to mention, we’re both kind of a ladies’ man.”

Yes, Vinny. Much alike, you are. In case I forgot to tell you, that was the day you discovered your connection.


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