Shannon Hageman is Brandon’s wife for life; they laugh, they cry, they drink whiskey. She’s the mother of six kids, she’s the third in a line of sixteen children, first in a line of seven daughters- trust her, this means something. She’s a student and a teacher, a sinner trying to be a saint. Her favorite day is laundry day, which, in a house of eight, is every day. That’s when she wonders about her sanity, what God expects from her, and how she must be screwing things up, one load at a time. When she finds a spare minute, she turns her wonders into writing. She longs for more minutes to spare.

The laundry pile is never-ending and there’s plenty more stories to share. Thanks for visiting and reading along. Welcome to my little piece of the blogosphere. I’m glad you’re here…

…in case I forget to tell you.